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Architectural Design

Trust the wizards at SAS to provide you with unique solutions to your architectural design needs. Come and try for yourself!

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Ideas were never as fresh as they’d be at SAS. Our clientele would be able to vouch for that!

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Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat or the cost, in our case! Lay your worries at bay and ask questions, as many as you please.

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What We Do

Consultation & Planning

Here, we blend the practical with the probable…

Here, we blend the practical with the probable…
Your dreams are paramount for us. Our consultants run qualitative and quantitative tests and create a design plan that suits your needs, while keeping a check on the budget.

What’s more is that our designs do not limit themselves to Indian standards. Collaborations internationally have allowed us to blur the boundaries and bring for our clients the latest technology and global trends that meet international excellence.

Design & Build

Once your dreams and needs are suitably identified, comes the time our wizards put an effective plan of action in place for you. Sustainable design solutions are recommended after conducting intensive design research and climate study, which help us arrive at the best designs for your needs. Schedule formulation, optimization of costs, strict quality control, and fast-tracking handover are among the many focal points that help us in providing you with the top-notch – in every aspect! We designate single point-of-contact project coordinators to become your sounding boards, while we take on board your concerns and worries. For us, the objective remains in bringing in a refined sense of styling and customization to each project – one that infuses any structure, space, or design with unparalleled distinctiveness.

Architectural Design

We revolutionize trends and design…

We revolutionize trends and design…
Our adept taskforce pieces together an aesthetic synthesis of creativity and sophistication via our designs. We provide our clients with contemporary solutions that give their space(s) an identity of its own while resonating with that of those occupying it. Making it an all the more exciting experience are 3D-modelling techniques at our studio that help visualize and fine-tune every detail, without adding to the real-time cost of the project. Isn’t that a dream come true, now?

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Clients explain their requirements and we provide the requisites.

Bigger plans stem from half-baked ideas that are given shape within the four walls of our studio.

Once the groundwork is sorted, it’s about building upon them.

Now, it’s time for the finishing touches! Oh, handovers and first reactions can be exciting. Ask us about them!